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Natural Sciences for the non-professional
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Welcome to 'Journal of Accessible Sciences' - Scientific investigation for the non-professional
The Elusive Eagle Sandstone Fossils
Gary Burgess finds an abundance of fossils in a geologic member where others find none.
Gary Burgess finds fossils in Montana's Eagle Sandsone - 2015'
   Late Cretaceous
   Eagle Formation
   ichnofossils (Trace fossils)
   Vertebrate fossils
   Invertebrate fossils
Disturbance at Old Cow Creek
Investigating an unusual geologic formation in remote central Montana.
Our report on a geologic investigation during 'Base Camp Winifred - 2015'
   Late Cretaceous
   Eagle Formation
   Illustrated geologic processes
   'Hogback' geologic feature
   Vertebrate fossils
   Invertebrate fossils
The Bearpaw Shale Mystery
They were small, short, fat, and in great numbers. Brackish water residents of the Bearpaw seaway - Gary H. Burgess
Gary Burgess tells us about the mysterious Bearpaw Shale critters
   Late Cretaceous
   Invertebrate fossils
   Corbicula occidentalis
   Corbicula cytheriformis
   Ostrea subtrigonalis
   Goniobasis convexa
A Fossil Induced Curiosity Attack
Have you ever been struck by a “curiosity attack” while on a field trip? I was ─ by a small fossil gastropod in Montana. - Gary H. Burgess
Gary Burgess follows his curiosity and provides this report.
   Late Cretaceous
   Invertebrate fossils
   Euspira subcrassa
Exploring Montana's Eagle Formation
Our examination of the Eagle Formation (Geology) in the state of Montana, USA. An 82 million-year-old barrier island environment.
Our video is a documentary of a day in the field; a day when we filmed our adventure and share it here with you.
   Illustrated geology
   Eagle Formation
   Late Cretaceous
   Trace fossils
   Vertebrate fossils
Base Camp Winifred - 2013
Debrief - our annual Montana adventure - 2013.
An 8-minute documentary of our annual Geology/Fossils adventure in central Montana. Eagle Formation geology and fossils.
   Eagle Formation
   Late Cretaceous
   Judith River Formation
   Shark tooth fossil
Judith's Journey
A new species of dinosaur is at the Winifred Museum, Montana, (USA). Amateur paleontologists helped make it happen.
The first of Judith's skull casts is on display at the Winifred, Mt Musuem. The video will play when a museum visitor presses the button.
   Judith the Dinosaur
   Late Cretaceous
   Bones of the Skull
   Dig Site Details
   Preparation of Skull Cast
Ecosystems: Central Montana Prairie
Shortgrass Prairie meets pine forest providing an abundance of plants and animals specialized for a short season of radiance.
Partial inventory of Montana prairie flora
   Some reptiles
   A few insects
Ecosystems: Estuary and Salt Marsh
This harsh environment is densely populated by a few very adaptable species. Each play an important role in the lives of the others.
Investigating specialized plants and animals of estuaries and salt marshes.
   Cuckoo bee
   Leafcutter and Longhorned bees
   Skipper butterfly
   Owlet Moth caterpillar
Puget Sound Ecosystems: Intertidal I
We spend some time in early spring along one of Puget Sound’s beaches in Washington State.
Flora and fauna unique to the thin band between high and low tides.
   Common Merganser
   Sand Dollars
   Skunk Cabbage
   Red Breasted Sapsucker
Puget Sound Ecosystems: Intertidal II
An amazing array of plants and animals thrive in Puget Sound's intertidal zones.
Plants and animals of a rocky intertidal zone
   Shore crabs
   Bald Eagle and Osprey
   Hermit crabs
   Flat worm
Subject Keys
Accessible Sciences:
We are surrounded by opportunities to participate in science. A walk in the woods can be transformed into a scientific episode. We can observe, record, test, and share our experiences. While some scientific pursuits are beyond the reach of non-professionals, it is quite possible to make contributions in the fields of ecology, biology, ethology, paleontology, and geology; .... just to name a few.
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